‘Peet, The Forest Detective’ wins 2015 ABU Best Award in Children’s Program

- World’s first 3D documentary animation which incorporated real natural ecology

- Series of export to global markets as Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam and others

<Peet, The Forest Detective> Series is the world’s first documentary animation which synthesized ‘real natural ecology’ with ‘3D animation’. It vividly shows the real pictures of animal and plant’s ecology as the story is led by the animated characters. With a mix of chaotic investigation by the forest investigators and a lively image of real animals and plants, it allows the viewers to experience the curious natural ecology in an interesting manner.

Return of the Forest Investigators!

With an addition of a new member, Coco, to the existing characters of Pete, Baba and Molly, along with the appearance of their rival Jungle investors, <Peet, The Forest Detective Season 2> presents far more upgraded fun and attraction compared to Season 1.

Coco, the pilot of the west wind, is the only female character in <Peet, The Forest Detective> series and has become a big hit among the girl viewers after two months of itsbroadcasting. West wind flight scene using helicam and gimbal is adding intriguing spectacles by providing extended viewpoints.

Spectrum of characters has been broadened and diversified, ranging from familiar animals such as penguin and tiger to rare animals, plants and insects. Especially the production staff has even traveled to Malaysia to capture the images of animals and insects with names unfamiliar to us as horned frog and orchid mantis, trying hard to provide abundant, fresh resources for attracting viewers.

<Peet, The Forest Detective 2>, with a whole new plot that only when the character reaches the mystery island after completing the detective notes will he finally become true detective, encourages children to enjoy adventures, gain challenge spirit, and also arouse cooperation and fair play ethicsamong team members.

Peet, The Forest Detective recognized in Asia!

<Peet, The Forest Detective> won the Best Award in Children’s Program at the 2015 ABU(Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union) Award Ceremony held in Istanbul, Turkey last October 30th. Unique attraction of <Peet, The Forest Detective> which delivers nature’s mysterious ecology through animation to children who rarely encounter Mother Nature, has earned series of favorable comments. In addition to that, <Peet, The Forest Detective> is already receiving great responses from overseas markets with its export to Thailand, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Broadcasting Schedule

EBS 1TV Real-time every Friday at 6:05 PM / Reruns on every Sunday at 9:40 AM

EBS PLUS2 Every Sunday at 1:40 PM

Joint Production

Bigstar Global Inc. / EBS

Production Staff

Planned by Han Hyung Hun, Produced by Lee Sang Jun, Director Ahn Ji Hyun (Bigstar Global Inc.)

Planned by Jung Young Hong, Produced by Lim Si Jin (EBS)

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