EBS Nature Education Animation Kicks Off ‘Peet The Forest Detective’

Nature documentary angled towards young viewers

EBS premiers its nature documentary animation for children, “Peet, The Forest Detective” on September 5th.

Animation “Peet, The Forest Detective” is the Korea’s first real nature education animation. It has been created for 3 to 7 years–old children to experiencenature’s ecological education.

This program has used the image techniques of EBS documentary. 3D CGI animation character produced by Big Star Global has been synthesized on to the ultra high definition real images.

Characters include stuffed animal dolls like puppy, crocodile and sheep. Three of these dolls become detectives solving mysterious cases that occur in the woods. These characters with a size of a toy, naturally blends in with the real pictures and attracts children’s interests.

CEO of Big Star Global Han HyungHoon said “Synthesizing animation with the real image is far more difficult than full 3D animation, but it is more educationally effective in that it shows the real natural eco-system itself. In order to have children to get immersed into it, we have synthesized the real image and animation in details.

Animation “Peet, The Forest Detective” will be on air at 8:10 am and 5:30 pm on Friday, and 9:30 am on Sunday. The whole program consists of 26 episodes.

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