Educating with the Smart Devices… Worried about Digital Addiction? Easily solved with the Educationa

Number of “Parents of Smart Generation” who use smart learning products to educate their children in their early years is increasing.

This is because of its advantage of attracting the children to learn by themselves without losing the fun factor and without any monotonousness and resistance that may come when they reach the age of schoolwork.

Then which among such smart learning products could be drawing the most attention? The newly introduced toddler’s pad from LG Electronics, ‘Kids Pad2’, is one of them. The sequel to its ‘LG Kids Pad’ which brought the trend of Pad for Toddlers, ‘Kids Pad2’ has been introduced with its features upgraded and it contains even more excellent contents, a product of about two years planning.

It allows systematic learning possible through internal and extended contents centered on the five areas of Nuri (Korean preschool education) curriculum: Communication, Nature Observation, Social Relation, Arts Experience, Physical Activity.

Also, in ‘Kids Pad2’, activity contents such as memory game and tangram activity which can stimulate toddler’s thinking ability and imagination is included along with learning contents for basic areas such as Disney’s triple language where children can encounter Korean, English and Chinese at once.About 230 learning contents and about 2000 kinds of internal activity contents are mounted on the device as the basis.

Not only internal contents, but it has a function to learn various educational contents by adding an extended cartridge. It provides opportunity to encounter diverse areas of learning contents through core content service such as Little Why, Aga World, Magic Chunjamun (Thousand-Character Classic) and TunTun English.

It also offers a very convenient function unique to smart learning. Mom can exchange message with her child or she can check the history of her child’s learning activity through mother mode. One can also enjoy an ingeniousexperience contents using ‘sense touch mode’ which recognizes outside movement. Usage of pictures and videos, playground and picture diary may develop children’s imagination and thinking skills as well as relieve the tension of learning that may lead to boredom. For those parents who worry about digital content addiction or too much immersion, safety device has been installed to minimize and prevent such problems.

A personnel of Bigstar Global (Inc.), an official MCP(Master Content Provider) and Marketing Partner of LG Kids Pad 2 said “The recent issue in education field is about the fusion between media and educational content. Education which was centered on paper books is now evolving into three-dimensional education through smart learning. Since not only LG Kids Pad 2 can increase leaner’s concentration by providing fun factors allowing learners to get immersed in the activity but also having great advantage in elevating the educational effectiveness in the process of systematic learning, we highly recommend it to those parents who are very much enthusiastic to educate their children.”

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