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Company Overview


Where Children Come First

Since its founding in Seoul in 2000, BIGSTAR GLOBAL has become the leading content provider of premium educational Audio and Video media content in Korea, providing professional content production services and solutions to major publishers.  


As the new Era of Connected Devices arose rapidly for the past few years, BIGSTAR GLOBAL has expanded its expertise and continued to evolve into more comprehensive solution provider not only in book publishing industry but also in smart app development industry.


With expertise and experience accumulated over 15 years in Korean educational content industry, BIGSTAR GLOBAL is now ready to go Global for the children in our world.


BIGSTAR has All-In-One System for

Content Development

Total Solution Provider

in Edutainment Content Industry


- Digital Education Content For Children

- Interactive MultiMedia AppBook

- Custom UI/UX Development For Kids Tablet

Content Planning & Development
3D Animation

 - 3D Animation Production & Distribution

 - Character Development & Licensing

 - Media Content for VR/AR Technology

 In-House Expertise

- All-In-One Process From Content Planning,

  Production and Marketing

- Experienced Content & Technology --Professionals - more than 100 staff members

- Domestic and Global Outsourcing


Quality Management System

 - ISO 9001 Certified

 - Complete Quality Planning, Control and  

   Assurance System in place

 - Software & Hardware



-Developed “Dinosaurs Adventure” Virtual Reality Contents(PC and Mobile)

-Contracted with SK Btv for Operating & Developing IPTV, mobile Apps

-Developed Woongjin Book Club English “Phonics” Apps and Videos

-Developed Hansol’s “Finden TokTok” Animation


-Contracted with VNPT Group for Content License for SVOP & Appstore

-Contracted with China PayTV Service Provider for SVOD

-Contracted with NIPA for Virtual Reality Content Development

-Developed Built-in & Cartridge Content for LG Kids Pad Smart Kindergarten

-Developed YBM’s "English Conversation&Curriculum", 8 Editions in App

-Developed Hansol’s “Finden BeBe” Animation

-Developed TV Series Animation "Peet, the Forest Detective-Season 2" with EBS

-Developed LoyVisual "Robocar Poli", Song Animation

-Developed "EBS Hangul-iya-ho 2" (52 Episodes)

-Developed "Kyowon Smart Tong Korean History" Apps

-Developed "Woonjin Book Club" English Apps Version 1&2 with Videos


- Contracted with LG Electronics for LG KidsPad2 Master Content Provider

- Contracted with KT for Operating & Developing IPTV Kids Products Commerce Service  

- Developed Built-in & Cartridge Content for LG KidsPad2 / LG Kids Pad Russian Version

- Developed YBM’s "ENGLISH Kids Pad" / Daekyo’s “Ggumdal Pad”

- Developed TV Series Animation “Peet, the Forest Detective” with EBS TV

- Developed “Oxford Reading Tree” Apps / “LEAD21” Apps


- Developed Built-in & Cartridge Content for LG Kids Pad / LG KidsPad2 

- Contracted with LG Electronics for Marketing LG Kids Pad / LG Kids Pad in China

- Invited to K-Tech EXPO Silicon Valley by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy

- Invited to ISTE Expo, San Diego, CA, USA 

- Selected as an e-learning frontier by KORTA

- Attended International Book Fairs (Frankfurt, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, London)

- Developed & Producing “Taekwondo Heroes” TV Series Animation

- Developed customized App Store Services for BtoB business / Launcher for customized Kids Tablets


- Converted to a corporation

- Developed Kids’ Animation DVD (Kyowon, Daekyo, Woongjin, Froebel, etc.)

- Produced Series Animation (Yerim WHY?, Sealoo, Piaget Picture Books, Aga-world Classic Series, etc.)

- Developed App Books (LG Smart TV, KT Olleh Kinder Book) 

- Joint Business for App Book Services (Daekyo ‘Ggumdal’, Mirae-N ‘Izle Books’, KT ‘Olleh Kinder Book’)

- Developed In-house App Book Authoring Tools / Improved  ISO9001 Quality Management

- Established Research Lab / Registered as a venture company

- Selected as a partner for Big&Small Co-biz Supporting Program by GCON

- Selected as a developer for Univ-Industry Cooperation Program by MOE

- Awarded Young Businessman Award by SMBA (CEO HH Han)

- Selected as a supported company for Win-win Growth Program by KOCCA 

- Awarded Smart App Award by IIITA (E-Book sector)

- Awarded TV App Innovation Grand Prize by KBCC


- March, 2002 : Established  EDU & JOY, Inc.

- Produced  Music for Commercial, Animation & TV Drama (Samsung Electronics, NIKE, Aga-world, etc.)

- Produced Audio Cassette Tapes & CD programs for children 

  (YBM-Sisa, JEI, Aga-world, Yerimdang, Hansol, SBS, National Geographic, etc.)

- Developed CD-ROM programs for children (Chunjai Edu, Kyowon, Moonjin Media, Language World, etc.) 

- Produced Animation DVD programs for children 

  (Korea Froebel, Woonjin Think Big, Haebup Edu, Hansol, Daekyo, i-challenge, Korea Hemmingway, etc.)

Win-Win Partners of Educational Publishing companies

Business Partners

BIGSTAR GLOBAL has long lasting partnership with major picture book publishers,

And license their books for developing App Books for Global Market.

“The Leading Content Developer and Provider” 

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